The Duffle Bag: Traveling Smart and Stylish

The word on the street and in the media is that wheelie bags are so last year - for lots of good reasons, not the least of which is style!  With airlines' a-la-carte policies it pays to maximize your carry-on these days, and with the telescoping poles and wheel housings, wheelie bags gobble up some premium cargo space.  

From a style standpoint, the duffle is the winner, hands down.  Where the "...wheelie symbolize(s) the stress of a harried traveler barreling through the airport to catch a flight...a duffle radiates rugged sophistication...restoring dignity to modern travel."  (Jacob Gallagher WSJ Style and Fashion, Dec 2017).  The bag, like any other accessory you use, is a nod to your personal style and lifestyle.  Opt for well-made bags with efficiency in mind.  Lighter, rugged fabrics such as waxed canvas are highly durable and much lighter than all-leather models.  Look for secure pockets on the outside that safely stow frequently used things and interior pockets that can keep your smaller items from getting lost in the abyss.  

Let's face it, do the cast of Fox's "Making History" time travel in a wheelie bag? Did Indiana Jones search for the Arc of the Covenant pulling a wheelie bag? Did Joe Pesci in his mob-spoof comedy, store 8 heads in a wheelie bag? No, no aaand no. Our ancestors carried the duffle to battle, to explore and to adventure.  Long live the classic duffle!