Fall Men's Fashion Notes

Men's minimalist wallets, "card cases", as they're often referred to, are definitely trending.  A Nov. 15, 2017 article in the Wall Street Journal by Kevin Haynes, caught my attention and got me wondering why they haven't always been popular.  Why are they just now "trending"??  To me, they should have always made sense and been around;  isn't it just safer to keep your valuables in your front pocket?  Not to mention the fact that I have always had an aversion to the big wallet, back pocket bulge on a sharply dressed man, it seems to ruin the entire look; formal to casual, you name it.  Once that back pocket starts showing wear along the edges where a big wallet imprints, something about the whole "look" gets lost.

When we started making men's accessories, we naturally gravitated to the minimalistic card style, probably because of this personal bias.  Plus, our assumption that in this day and age, most contacts, membership point and rewards cards, etc. are tied to our cell phone.  We all seem to be carrying less bulk around.  The Art of Manliness post on Feb 12, 2012, advised that today's man should only be needing to carry 1-2 debit/credit cards, I.D., and some folded cash.  Gentleman's Gazette, on Nov. 23, 2016 noted that minimalistic wallets are gaining popularity because of slim and athletic cut styles, allowing you to stow a few cards and some folded currency.  The advantages are obvious for men who, "value less bulk over everything else".  Kevin Haynes' piece took it one step beyond just fashion and convenience and suggested that you may be dating yourself by carrying a wallet instead of a card case.  Pretty strong words, but for you fashion-forward men out there, definitely something to think about.

laura whittingham