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We see lots of walks in your future! As long as both of you are going, you should be thinking of both of you when you choose the leash. The full-grain, oil-stuffed, 9oz leather of these leashes not only make them the most durable choice, they’re also the most pliable and comfortable choice for the hand that’s doing the walking.

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All leashes are constructed of 9oz full-grain, chromexcel leather: No splits. No laminating thin leathers. Pure. Full. Grain. All edges are hand beveled and burnished which adds to the quality and life of the leash. All hardware is manufactured in the US and is solid brass (no cheap imports containing high lead levels). The large and medium leashes feature two, full-grain grab handles, secured with solid brass washers and Chicago screws for extra control close to the pup and for heel-walking. Every leash has a brass D ring for clean-up bags.

LARGE DOG: 74” (some slightly longer) x 1” x 3.8mm

MEDIUM DOG: 74” (some slightly longer) x 7/8” x 3.8mm

SMALL DOG: 74” (some slightly longer) x 5/8” x 3.8mm